Hi, I'm Jennifer but you can call me  Jenny

I’m originally from Montreal and have been working as a freelance Content Marketing Strategist, Editor, and Writer for 3 years. I’m currently based in Thailand.

I’ve spent the better part of the past decade (where does the time go?) travelling and living abroad in various capacities: I’ve been an English teacher in South Korea, volunteer in the tiny town of Nanshan in eastern China, and shoestring backpacker ($30/day) through mainland China, Hong Kong, Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

Some people say they love travel; for me, it’s in my blood. I love the wanders, the night buses, the weird smells, the spontaneous nights out with hostel friends, the weekend trips into nature, the stray pups and kitties…I am completely and utterly enamoured with this lifestyle and I’m so lucky I was given the chance to experience how things are like in different countries and cities far away from the place I was born.

a lot of people ask me how it all  started

Well, I was 22, sitting in class when I was in University in Montreal, twirling my hair and wondering how I could change the world.

A group of people suddenly walked in jumping around and talking about doing wildlife conservation work in Central America while bungee jumping through the jungle. I was intrigued.

I rambled on for a year about how I was going to do this volunteer project in Costa Rica; my friends didn’t think I would do it. I proved them wrong and finally bought a plane ticket to Costa Rica, with a stop in Belize along the way, and I was off on my first backpacking adventure.

I hung out with locals, lived off the grid (this is in 2008 before smartphones) in a tree house by the Pacific Coast with no electricity, snorkelled with marine biologists along the barrier reef, and realized that it’s possible to live with much less. With only one pair of flip flops, a few shirts, shorts, and the company of others, life can be fantastic.

I realized travel isn’t what most people tell you it is, and that it doesn’t have to be hard, or impossible, or some sort of untouchable feat. And that people are pretty much the same wherever you go.

So I made the road my life, and I’ve been going with the flow ever since.

It’s been many years since then but along the way, I’ve learned buying everything that’s marketed to you isn’t the path to success or happiness.

I’ve learned that hopping a plane or getting that extra passport stamp doesn’t always solve your problems.

I’ve learned that starting a life on the other side of the world is harder in ways you would have never expected, and simpler for reasons you didn’t know existed.

Are you a first-time backpacker? Looking to teach English abroad? Going on a short trip to a beautiful new city? Vegetarian? Coffee drinker? Zero-waste wanderer? Animal lover? Feel free to browse my site for stories, tips, tricks, and guides on travel.

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